Marvel Secrets, Thor’s Hammer and Fast & Furious !

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 There have been many Marvel superhero movies in the last couple of years.

What most folks dont know is the number of secret scenes and clips created on the side.


Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D. Clips:

These are small movies  (3-5 minutes length) made about S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers.


Marvel Secret Scenes / Easter Eggs:

Most Marvel movies (and all  new action movies) have secret scenes.

Avengers was the first movie to have had two secret scenes!


Stan Lee Cameos:

Stan Lee has a cameo in every Marvel movie. Most of them are blink and miss, but its interesting to know who he was in every movie.


Analyzing Thors Hammer

This is the craziest post I have seen about Thors’ Hammer.

To quote, it addresses “why the Hulk is incapable of picking up the hammer, the hammer can trap Loki on the ground without crushing him, and why the SHIELD helicarrier doesn’t plummet to the ground due to the immense weight of the hammer (Quantum Locking). We also have an explanation as to why Thor can throw the hammer with such force, and why if he spins it and hinders it at the top of its arc, how Thor can fly (Higgs Boson manipulation).”

It makes for a super interesting read, even if you skip the Math and Physics.


Fast and Furious One: Hidden / Alternate Endings

This shows Brian and Mia patching up after Dom leaves.

This one shows Dom going to Mexico.


Fast and Furious Cast shocked by Singapore Car prices:

This one is hilarious to watch (and crazy to know about) since cars are so expensive in Singapore.


Fast and Furious Los Bandoleros 

This is a short film made about Fast and the Furious series. Its in Spanish, but it has subtitles. It runs about 20 minutes.


Bonus News: Fast and Furious 7 Cast

It is confirmed that Jason Statham will be the villain (Seen in the Secret Scene for FF6), but its rumored that Deepika Padukone will be there too !?


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