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Review: Rotimatic, The Automatic Roti Maker!

*Skip the Rotimatic Order waitlist queue with the Privileged order link at the end of this article* I ordered the Rotimatic by Zimplistic in June 2014. Since then, it’s been a long wait and my Rotimatic finally arrived in this month, in February 2017. During that wait, I used to get an update from the Zimplistic team every few months, but I assumed it was one of those Preorder (aka “Kickstarter” products), that would never come to fruition. I was comforted by the fact that I didn’t have to pay the full $599 cost upfront, only a $59 preorder deposit. And Read More →

My Oculus Rift CV-1 Experience & Review: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Introduction My First VR Experience Getting the Oculus Rift Opening the Box and Setting up my Rift (aka My Precious) My First Oculus Rift CV-1 Experience Game Reviews The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Top 10 tips for using your CV-1 TL;DR   Growing up, all kids have dreams. Some want to be Pilots, others want to be Astronauts and some aspire to be like our cinema heroes, like the swashbuckling Indiana Jones. Well, last week, that dream was realized for thousands of grown up kids all across the world. How? Because for the first time ever, we all Read More →

How I got my dream job

  Trawling through 20,000+ job posts. Applying to 4,000+ jobs, giving out over 1000 business cards, talking to over 250 people on the phone for contacts and recommendations, and a 100+ interviews later, I finally have my dream job! I generally get one of 2 reactions when folks hear the details about my journey. 1. Oh man, thats a lot of time and work. Really Commendable. 2. Man, you had to go through that much? You either didnt apply right or you didnt really fit the job profile, you got lucky!   To be honest, its a little bit of Read More →

The Culture of Netflix Binge Watching

I read a Vogue article on Binge Watching, soon after House of Cards: Season 2 came out and have been meaning to write about this topic for quite some time. What is Binge Watching? How do we get used to watching shows this way and why is Netflix going this route? These are the questions I am looking to address with this narrative. My Experience: Until 12th Grade (Senior Year of High School), I was living at home with my parents and watched TV based on the channel lineup aired by my cable provider. Hence, I knew only about the content Read More →

Interview: David Craddock (Stay Awhile And Listen) – A History of Blizzard Entertainment

  As most of you may know, I am a huge fan of the Diablo series, developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. I was super excited when I heard that someone was publishing a book about them. Finally, I would know the history behind one of my favorite games. I absolutely loved the book. So much so, that I wanted to chat with the author David Craddock to learn more about him and his inspiration behind writing this book. You can buy the book here. To learn more about the author, see DM Press and his website. I am publishing Read More →

Blurb: Best Games of 2014 ?!

2014 seems to be a promising year for Gaming.  Check out these awesome new games! 1. Wolfenstein! (And Doom is confirmed!) Most of us remember Wolf3D as the first FPS game that we ever played. And the game that introduced us to the concept of Cheatcodes – ILM, goobers anyone? And I dont know anyone who has played more than one episode of Wolf3D, showing that sometimes Demos really do work! After, that I remember playing Doom and Heretic, but Doom really stood out since it introduce me to ghoulish monsters and gore. Now, we have a new Wolf3D version and maybe Read More →

My Bibliophilism aka Favorite Books

  “Language was invented for one reason, boys – to woo women – and, in that endeavor, laziness will not do.”   I love to read. My fondest memory is from 6th grade when we went to a second hand book sale and brought back a trunk/boot full of books! Curling up in a corner on a warm summers day, Reading by flashlight under the covers, Spending the school lunch break – Eating with one hand, Flipping pages with the other .. A lot of folks ask me as to which my my favorite books are. Well, this is a Read More →

My First Love : Counterstrike 1.6

All writers, at some point through their journey, suffer from Writers Block. After not writing for almost 7 weeks, I realized what that phrase actually means. It is the lack of inspiration. A friend advised me yesterday, to write about something that enthralls me, gets me excited, that which I am emotional about. And for me, there is nothing that I have spent more years on, than playing Counterstrike. While growing up, I played the traditional FPS games that any 90s gamer fawned over. Doom, Heretic, Quake, Unreal Tournament, Wolf3D (Only the free episode) were some of the most popular ones. Read More →

Through The Looking (Google) Glass

  When Alice in Wonderland pokes the Looking Glass, she discovered a weird world behind it. Using Google Glass is somewhat similar, its like the real world, but with a twist.   Getting Glass After all the hype about Google Glass, I couldn’t wait to get a pair for myself. However, I had to wait and wait for someone to have an extra invite to get this exclusive exquisite new piece of wearable technology. Finally, through the GDG Meetup group or the Google Online Application, I received an invite to join the Glass Explorers Program! When ordering Google Glass, you Read More →

Blurb: Klueless 9

Klueless is an annual Lateral Thinking Quiz Competition (Thats the best way to describe it:P) held every by IIM Indore, India. It takes the better part of 3-5 days to complete, my team finished it in 3 days this time around. You can play it at:   My Klueless Rankings: K9: #77 K8: #156 K7: #65 K6: #137 K5: #48 K4: DNF K3: ~#255   My K9 Experience : In the corner, my bed beckons On the table, the food and wine Tired, are my hurting bones While my symptoms withdraw from Klueless Nine.