Blurb: Best Games of 2014 ?!

GeeksMirage_2014Games2014 seems to be a promising year for Gaming.  Check out these awesome new games!

1. Wolfenstein! (And Doom is confirmed!)

Most of us remember Wolf3D as the first FPS game that we ever played. And the game that introduced us to the concept of Cheatcodes – ILM, goobers anyone? And I dont know anyone who has played more than one episode of Wolf3D, showing that sometimes Demos really do work! After, that I remember playing Doom and Heretic, but Doom really stood out since it introduce me to ghoulish monsters and gore.

Now, we have a new Wolf3D version and maybe another Doom! Anyone praying yet for Quake and Unreal Tournament?

2. Watchdogs

Watchdogs created significant ripples in the gaming industry when extended gameplay was shown at E3. The game features a guy walking around Chicago and being able to hack into any electronic device to facilitate the missions. This leads to myriad possibilities when completing a mission. E.g. In one mission, we have to kill the bad guy who is walking into a club. You can intercept him outside by making his car crash when you tamper with the traffic lights and have a good old fashioned shootout. Or you can enter as a guest and garrote him in the bathroom. Or you can turn out the lights, enter in via the roof and snipe him. The new GTAV competitor? Hope so. Check out the awesome Gameplay video below:

3. Diablo 3 – Reaper of Souls :

I have already written extensive articles on the Diablo 3 Auction House closing and Reaper of Souls Preview. This is a fantastic expansion to a game which has excellent visuals, lore and sound. But lacks significantly in gameplay and game design. RoS seems to take care of most of that by adding in Nephalem Rifts and Bounties, along with increased Legendary Drop rates, Amazing legendary effects and Bind on Account gear.

4. Destiny

Destiny is Bungie’s (Created Halo) next gen FPS. It has a a lot of new features along with amazing lighting, reflections and sound. You HAVE to check out the Gamescom Gameplay video below to see all the details:

5. Titan Fall

Created by Respawn and EA for Xbox only, Titanfall has a Call of Duty meets Mechwarrior kind of feel. Check out the gameplay video below to watch all the action!

6. League of Legends

Technically, LoL is not new. Its 4th Season just started. However, I had to mention it because Riot is a studio that seems to be doing everything right. With over 30 million Monthly Active Players, they have created a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) which is more popular than any other. One can argue that it is Riots success (inspired by Dota) which has led to competing products such as Dota2 and Blizzards Heroes of the Storm.

They keep having new trial game modes every month or so to keep the users engaged. They release a new champion every 8-12 weeks and have multiple Pro leagues and Tournaments around the world, including  their own LCS. They are constantly making Quality of Life upgrades which really help the players, such as the significantly faster MatchMaking process at the start of Season 4, the Tribunal which has taken action against 280,000 toxic players in the last 12 months and the upcoming Team Builder, which helps by letting you lock in the role you want instead of trying to fight it out before the game.

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