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Through The Looking (Google) Glass

  When Alice in Wonderland pokes the Looking Glass, she discovered a weird world behind it. Using Google Glass is somewhat similar, its like the real world, but with a twist.   Getting Glass After all the hype about Google Glass, I couldn’t wait to get a pair for myself. However, I had to wait and wait for someone to have an extra invite to get this exclusive exquisite new piece of wearable technology. Finally, through the GDG Meetup group or the Google Online Application, I received an invite to join the Glass Explorers Program! When ordering Google Glass, you Read More →

Blurb: Klueless 9

Klueless is an annual Lateral Thinking Quiz Competition (Thats the best way to describe it:P) held every by IIM Indore, India. It takes the better part of 3-5 days to¬†complete, my team finished it in 3 days this time around. You can play it at:   My Klueless Rankings: K9: #77 K8: #156 K7: #65 K6: #137 K5: #48 K4: DNF K3: ~#255   My K9 Experience : In the corner, my bed beckons On the table, the food and wine Tired, are my hurting bones While my symptoms withdraw from Klueless Nine.