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Blurb: Klueless 9

Klueless is an annual Lateral Thinking Quiz Competition (Thats the best way to describe it:P) held every by IIM Indore, India. It takes the better part of 3-5 days to¬†complete, my team finished it in 3 days this time around. You can play it at:   My Klueless Rankings: K9: #77 K8: #156 K7: #65 K6: #137 K5: #48 K4: DNF K3: ~#255   My K9 Experience : In the corner, my bed beckons On the table, the food and wine Tired, are my hurting bones While my symptoms withdraw from Klueless Nine.

Blurb: Hardware, Tech, Books, Games & Life

I am introducing a new category called “Blurb” on my blog. It could be a collection of links or a short summary of something I find interesting. As I cant post long analytical articles about everything that interests me (else we’d be here till kingdom come), this way I can share interesting links and articles with everyone. The weekly Blog posts will continue but you should see a smattering of blurbs in between. Hope you enjoying going through these articles! Hardware Tech Books Games Life Read More →