Humans of New York

I’m starting off this blog with a post about a page that I really like.

Humans of New York.

Brandon Stanton started the page to showcase the beauty of New York City and the people living within. It has grown over the past 2 years, to over a million people checking out his pictures everyday. What makes these pictures different, is that these are folks you and I walk by everyday, not realizing that each person has a story and how interesting those stories can be.

Every day I police my Facebook feed to see whether a new picture has popped up and what the story behind that picture is. It makes you think about a range of things: How hard people have worked to get where they are, Who and What they have had to leave behind, What they feel after having loved and sometimes lost, and just how your inner feelings come out in words and wardrobe alike.

I also have to mention that you must check out the comments in the pictures as some of those provide a lot of introspection and interestingly, most comments are overwhelmingly positive with very little acrimony in the group.

You can see the Facebook page here:

He also publishes detailed stories on his website and these are slice of life stories unlike anything I have read before:

What I’m waiting for the most is for the Coffee Table book to be released:

Check out some of my recent favorites here:

I hope this project goes on for a long time, its a little hard to imagine a day going by and me not checking out HONY.

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