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Top 15 Must Play iPhone Games!

I have been a iPhone user for 5 years now. From the 3G to the 5S. And I have loved playing games on the iOS platform. I think the main reason is because the platform just works. The OS is stable, the hardware can be repaired anytime in the store and even though the app approval policy may be strict, it makes for a seamless gaming experience. I would like to note that I am not flaming other platforms at all. They have some great features that I wish Apple would integrate, using an iPhone is just personal preference. I Read More →

Retro Games: Windows 3.1

Windows 3.1 Retro Games We all reminisce about the good old days and the great games from the days of Yore. Looking at the folder images above reminds me of so many of the games that kept me busy for hours. Hangman, Golf, SkiFree, Snake, Sticks, Jacks etc. Hence, I thought it would be a great idea to review some of the games that made me the gamer I am today. I’m planning on doing follow up posts on DOS games, Console Games, Win 95 and so on! If you have any thoughts or suggestions, leave me a comment below! Chips Challenge Read More →

Why Diablo 3 Shut Down The Auction House

A huge announcement was made yesterday for Diablo 3 fans. Blizzard has (finally?) decided to shut down BOTH the Gold Auction House (GAH) and Real Money Auction House (RMAH). The official announcement is available here: While the sudden announcement has the community chattering about the relevancy of the AH system, most people (including myself) see this as a boon to this game and simply wonder why this wasn’t done sooner ? Having a medium for players to trade and making there lives easier is great. However, Blizzard made a few huge mistakes while creating Diablo 3 and it seems that they Read More →

Start of the week by pondering about – Craig(slist), Grammar & Indian Puns!

Why I Stopped Being a Grammar Snob Personally, I am a big Grammar Snob. It annoys me to no end when folks pronounce something incorrectly or say something which is grammatically incorrect. It is even more infuriating when they insist their version is correct. One such example, “The past tense on know is knew. Hence, thats why I say ‘I didnt Knew’ ” This article is interesting because it speaks about theoretical vs. practical usage of words. Why do we say what we say? To communicate. And in the social context, we completely understand what the other person is saying. Read More →

Marvel Secrets, Thor’s Hammer and Fast & Furious !

 There have been many Marvel superhero movies in the last couple of years. What most folks dont know is the number of secret scenes and clips created on the side.   Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D. Clips: These are small movies  (3-5 minutes length) made about S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers.   Marvel Secret Scenes / Easter Eggs: Most Marvel movies (and all  new action movies) have secret scenes. Avengers was the first movie to have had two secret scenes!   Stan Lee Cameos: Stan Lee has a cameo in every Marvel movie. Most of them are blink and miss, but its interesting to Read More →

Geeky Chuckles

  As many of you may know (and guess), I’m a sucker for Geeky one liners and jokes. One of my favorites is “Have you heard of the band 1023MB? They haven’t got a Gig yet”   I found this great collection of acronyms and one liners. I’ve listed a few of my favorites below, you can see the full list on the site. As a disclaimer, I’m a Windows user and I love it, but some MS jokes are too good to pass up.   One Liners: Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes. CAPS LOCK – Preventing Login Read More →