Start of the week by pondering about – Craig(slist), Grammar & Indian Puns!


Why I Stopped Being a Grammar Snob

Personally, I am a big Grammar Snob. It annoys me to no end when folks pronounce something incorrectly or say something which is grammatically incorrect. It is even more infuriating when they insist their version is correct. One such example, “The past tense on know is knew. Hence, thats why I say ‘I didnt Knew’ ”

This article is interesting because it speaks about theoretical vs. practical usage of words.

Why do we say what we say? To communicate. And in the social context, we completely understand what the other person is saying. However, we prefer the Queen’s English and prefer poiniting out the grammatical incongruities.


Who is Craig from Craigslist?

Something that I should have thought about, but I never gave it much attention. Who is the person after whom Craigslist is named after?


Snippets of Life

I love observing people, their habits and simply, the emotions that cross their face.

Thats why I love this collection by Bostons Big Picture.

My favorites are 9, 14, 19, 31 and 33.

A Bonus Picture:


Desi Puns

One for all my Indian Friends out there, Puns that only Indians will get 😛

Something to the tune of ” They released The Necklace in Bollywood. It was a Hindi pendant film.”

(Independent, for those who didnt get the pun ..)


Future of Product Management?

These are crazy, nutty products, but a lot of these are very practical. Check our for some interesting products (which I shamelessly own :P) and for more nuttier ones, check out the link.

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