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The Right way to play Monopoly

One of the most popular games ever is Hasbro’s Monopoly. My personal experience with the games has spanned many evenings fighting over the Orange properties (My favorite) or playing solo on the iPhone. I found this interesting article about what are the wrong house rules to play Monopoly with. And the main one that most folks get wrong : Auctions. The default rule states that if a property is not purchased by the player landing on it, the property is auctioned off to the highest bidder at any price. And this is very important since it creates property liquidity. Without Read More →

IllumiRoom – Projecting Game Effects

A quick note on something super interesting that I came across a few days ago. IllumiRoom uses Kinect and their projector to translate any game into an immersive environment with projected effects. See the full 720p video here (5 minutes 29 seconds): Its pretty awesome to see all the effects one can input as a developer and make this a truly immersive experience. This may be an excellent intermediate next step for console gaming before devices like the Oculus Rift for 3D gaming become more popular. A few screenshots are given below:

Humble Bundle

I think Humble Bundle is a really neat initiative. They provide interesting Digital Games (Origin, Steam) and eBooks (Mobi, PDF, ePUB) for a really cheap price and the providers donate proceeds to charity. Lets look at the current bundle. You get the following games for any price that you want. I believe the minimum is one dollar. And if you pay more than the current average price ($4.80), which will be $4.81, you get Battlefield 3 and Sims 3 too. There are a few reasons why this is interesting: 1. Price: Even though the games are old, its a really Read More →

Amazon, Google, Apple vs. Vita, Ouya, Shield

This is a long post, hence I’ve structured it out. I highly advise reading it in its entirety, but the TL;DR is at the end in the “The Future” section. EDIT: It seems that post caused a bit of confusion. I am NOT comparing the PC, XBox One, PS4 or Wii. I am looking and comparing other handhelds and consoles being introduced this year. I am also comparing the possibility of¬†Amazon, Google & Apple introducing consoles and how they would fare against these new additional consoles. Background:The first digital game I ever played was on a handheld. It had only Read More →

Game of Thrones: Comic Con 2013

I finally got around to seeing the 1.5 hour Comic Con Game of Thrones (GoT) panel discussion. As I expected, it did not disappoint though I was hoping to see a sneak preview of Season 4. If any media person is reading this, I am really curious to know why only 10 episodes are created per season, especially since this is pretty much the #1 show on Network TV right now. It is a must watch for any hardcore GoT fan. If I could stand in line for 3 hours to see the Iron Throne in NYC, you can definitely Read More →

Oculus Rift

Over the last year, I’ve been hearing a lot about the Oculus Rift. I still remember the first time I played a VR (Virtual Reality) Football (Soccer) game where the balls bounced of my body when I was acting like a Goalkeeper. It was like magic and I couldn’t believe that I could play a game without touching any kind of hardware. Fast Forwarding 12 years, Oculus Rift (OR) seems to be the defacto gadget discussed whenever speaking about gaming and VR. I have been waiting for a while for some reviews and I finally found a good review of Read More →

Perceiving India

As an Indian, I come across many people who ask me myriad questions about India. Whether it be if I speak ‘Hindu’ (Hindi is a language, Hinduism is a religion) or where I learnt such ‘polished’ English from; or whether it is peppering me with questions about how so many religions and cultures coexist, everyone I come across never asks me the same question twice. Hence, it has been very interesting to see the various queries people have and sometimes even their own personal experiences when they have visited the county. Today I happened to come across this very interesting Read More →

Humans of New York

I’m starting off this blog with a post about a page that I really like. Humans of New York. Brandon Stanton started the page to showcase the beauty of New York City and the people living within. It has grown over the past 2 years, to over a million people checking out his pictures everyday. What makes these pictures different, is that these are folks you and I walk by everyday, not realizing that each person has a story and how interesting those stories can be. Every day I police my Facebook feed to see whether a new picture has Read More →