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What is it about Technology that excites us?

It starts with an idea. An idea to create. To make something by fusing together our mind, electronic components, software and a little bit of electricity. Isnt that what any device is? It starts with all of that and one more thing. It has to be something that people want to use. It has to be something that delights them and fascinates them. It has to let people to do something that they couldn’t even imagine doing before. That is what technology is.   When people started making computers, it was about digitizing human effort. Even before that, people mechanized Read More →

Blurb: Hardware, Tech, Books, Games & Life

I am introducing a new category called “Blurb” on my blog. It could be a collection of links or a short summary of something I find interesting. As I cant post long analytical articles about everything that interests me (else we’d be here till kingdom come), this way I can share interesting links and articles with everyone. The weekly Blog posts will continue but you should see a smattering of blurbs in between. Hope you enjoying going through these articles! Hardware Tech Books Games Life Read More →

Blizzcon 2013: Diablo 3 – Reaper of Souls (RoS) Roundup + HotS Preview

  Introduction Blizzcon 2013 was held on November 8th-9th 2013 and Blizzard released a lot of interesting information about the upcoming changes for Diablo3 as well as the Reaper of Souls (RoS) expansion. A lot of this information is not directly from their presentations, but from the datamined information, interviews and videos released by blogs such as DiabloFans, Incgamers and Somepage. I have collated a lot of the interesting points here and they form a nice summary of all the information out there. I encourage you to read all the posts and watch the interviews in full, but if you Read More →

Nerdvana – NY Comic Con 2013

NYCC was my first Comic Con ever and it was a blast! The cosplay was amazing and the swag available was unbelievable, especially since the prices were super low. One negative was that the celebrity autographs were all paid ($30-$80) and they only had one 20 minute picture taking slot (paid again) for which the line was hundreds of people long.   Hope you enjoy the pictures! Leave me a comment if you like any of them or can identify some of the Cosplays.        

Google BigQuery vs MapReduce vs PowerDrill

  What is big data? Today, every electronic device that we use, transmits some kind of data and most of it is being collected. We generate over 2.5 Exabytes (2.5 billion Gigabytes) every single day. In corporations, the most common types of big data collected are Log Files, Infrastructure Resource monitoring details and Spam data.   What is Big Query / Dremel / Apache Drill? Dremel is a querying service that allows you to run SQL queries against huge datasets (think hundreds of millions of rows).  It is quite simple to use and extensive development experience is not required to use Read More →

Music to play Games by

  I love listening to Western Classical music, especially while playing MMOs. You can just sit back and relax when grinding (especially when D3 is just THAT easy) while the soothing tones pump out. These are a few of my favorite pieces. I am not ranking them in any order, as I believe you cant really rate great pieces of music that way. I currently listen to these on the Logitech Z263. I used to have the Altec Lansing VS3251 5.1 and hope to get the Logitech Z906 very soon! Also, I use the Bose MiE2i while traveling and am looking for Read More →


SUPERHOT is a game which blends time freezing from Prince of Persia and Braid. It slickly combines this into a fast (pun?!) paced FPS which requires a lot of strategizing. We get to see the bullets flying through the levels, like Bullet time from Max Payne which feeling very Matrix-esque. The best part is that you get to shoot a few people, decide your strategy to kill the next few enemies and then go ahead and kill them. The element of pausing in between a gun fight, to figure out what to do next, is what makes this game very Read More →

Indie Game: The Movie

There are movies, and then there are movies. Indie Games : The Movie (IGTM) falls into the latter category for me. It covers the production process for 3 major indie game hits – Super Meat Boy, Fez and Braid. You can get the movie here: As a gaming documentary, I learned a lot about creating “the next big thing”. Now I understand that the situations depicted in the movie may not be every persons story. However, what resonated with me was the fact that you spend every breathing moment into creating your vision and what you want to Read More →

Top 15 Must Play iPhone Games!

I have been a iPhone user for 5 years now. From the 3G to the 5S. And I have loved playing games on the iOS platform. I think the main reason is because the platform just works. The OS is stable, the hardware can be repaired anytime in the store and even though the app approval policy may be strict, it makes for a seamless gaming experience. I would like to note that I am not flaming other platforms at all. They have some great features that I wish Apple would integrate, using an iPhone is just personal preference. I Read More →

Retro Games: Windows 3.1

Windows 3.1 Retro Games We all reminisce about the good old days and the great games from the days of Yore. Looking at the folder images above reminds me of so many of the games that kept me busy for hours. Hangman, Golf, SkiFree, Snake, Sticks, Jacks etc. Hence, I thought it would be a great idea to review some of the games that made me the gamer I am today. I’m planning on doing follow up posts on DOS games, Console Games, Win 95 and so on! If you have any thoughts or suggestions, leave me a comment below! Chips Challenge Read More →