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Perceiving India

As an Indian, I come across many people who ask me myriad questions about India. Whether it be if I speak ‘Hindu’ (Hindi is a language, Hinduism is a religion) or where I learnt such ‘polished’ English from; or whether it is peppering me with questions about how so many religions and cultures coexist, everyone I come across never asks me the same question twice. Hence, it has been very interesting to see the various queries people have and sometimes even their own personal experiences when they have visited the county. Today I happened to come across this very interesting Read More →

Humans of New York

I’m starting off this blog with a post about a page that I really like. Humans of New York. Brandon Stanton started the page to showcase the beauty of New York City and the people living within. It has grown over the past 2 years, to over a million people checking out his pictures everyday. What makes these pictures different, is that these are folks you and I walk by everyday, not realizing that each person has a story and how interesting those stories can be. Every day I police my Facebook feed to see whether a new picture has Read More →