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Start of the week by pondering about – Craig(slist), Grammar & Indian Puns!

Why I Stopped Being a Grammar Snob Personally, I am a big Grammar Snob. It annoys me to no end when folks pronounce something incorrectly or say something which is grammatically incorrect. It is even more infuriating when they insist their version is correct. One such example, “The past tense on know is knew. Hence, thats why I say ‘I didnt Knew’ ” This article is interesting because it speaks about theoretical vs. practical usage of words. Why do we say what we say? To communicate. And in the social context, we completely understand what the other person is saying. Read More →

Humans of New York

I’m starting off this blog with a post about a page that I really like. Humans of New York. Brandon Stanton started the page to showcase the beauty of New York City and the people living within. It has grown over the past 2 years, to over a million people checking out his pictures everyday. What makes these pictures different, is that these are folks you and I walk by everyday, not realizing that each person has a story and how interesting those stories can be. Every day I police my Facebook feed to see whether a new picture has Read More →